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Pendle Hill Pamphlets

The life of the spirit in women: A Jungian approach / Helen M. Luke. 1980 (Pendle Hill Pamphlet 230) (28 p.)


On speaking out of the silence: Vocal ministry in the unprogrammed meeting for worship / Douglas V. Steere. 1972 (Pendle Hill Pamphlet 182) (20 p.)


Visible witness: A testimony for radical peace action / Wilmer J. Young.  1961. (Pendle Hill Pamphlet 118) (38 p.)


Woolman and Blake: Prophets for today / Mildred Binns Young. 1971. (Pendle Hill Pamphlet 177) (32 p.)


Quaker Materials

Beyond majority rule: Voteless decisions in the Religious Society of Friends / Michael J. Sheeran.  Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends: Philadelphia, PA. 1983.  (153 p.)


Faith and practice / North Pacific Yearly Meeting.  2nd ed.  NPYM: Corvallis, Or.  1993.  (136 p.)


Friendly answers to questions about American Quakers.  1978.  (6 p.) 2 copies


Friends and the Holy Spirit / Glenn Reece. (“In preparation for the Five Years Meeting of Friends, Richmond, Indiana, July 14-21, 1960”)  (18 p.)


Friends missionary advocate / Women’s Missionary Union of Friends in America. January 1923 issue. (32 p.)


Friends World Committee for Consultation. No Date. Friends…in all countries, places, islands, nations. (pamphlet) 2 copies


The future of the Quaker vision. / Lewis Benson. Reprint from the Friends Quarterly. 1967. ([7] p.)


Handbook of the Religious Society of Friends. 1967. (79 p.)


Marrying in Pittsburg Friends Meeting. 1973.  (13 p.)


Ministering to our meetings: A series of eight lessons for adults on how we can more effectively minister to Friends’ needs through our Meeting structures.  1985?  ([36] p.)


Preparation course for membership with Friends: authorized by Indiana Yearly Meeting. 1946. (53 p.)


The wider Quaker fellowship. n.d. [1 sheet, book list of recommended reading]


Wider Quaker fellowship. Wider Quaker Fellowship: Philadelphia: PA., n.d.  [pamphlet, letter from Rufus Jones]


Religious Education

A gathering of gifts / Paula Lawrence Wehmiller.  [1988].  ([10] p.)


The Flushing remonstrance: a chapter in the history of religious freedom.  n.d. (9 p.)


Handbook for committee members of Friends schools / prepared by Committee on Education Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.  Rev. ed. 1986.  (23 p.)


The miracle of the bread dough rising / Paula Lawrence Wehmiller.  [1987].  ([10] p.)


Seeds into flowers: a handbook for nurturing religious education / Elizabeth Ellis, Sheila N. Bach.  1980.  (83 p.)


Talking about Genesis: A resource guide.  1996. (177 p.)


Teaching religion in the public schools / edited by Donald H. Bishop. 1978. (70 p.)


Social Concerns

The American Friends Service Committee: dilemmas for Quakerism in action: Pendle Hill lectures by John A. Sullivan, November 5 to December 3, 1973.  1974.  (78 p.)


Gun games / David Zarembka.  1983.  Reprinted from Friends Journal.  ([5] p.)


A manual for direct action / Oppenheimer, Martin, and George Lakey.  Friends Peace Committee: Philadelphia, PA.  1964.  (130 p.)


Right sharing of the world’s resources / Denis P. Barritt.  Friends World Committee for Consultation: Birmingham, England.  n.d.  (16 p.)


Quaker mission to Moscow: An address delivered at Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania, on October 7, 1951 / Paul S. Cadbury. (16 p.)


Spiritual Matters

Called to make history: Indiana Yearly Meeting faces the next century and a half 1821-1971-2121: studies in spiritual renewal.  1970. (39 p.)


Ecumenical thoughts for the times / K.V. Matthai.  1982.  ([13] p.)


Erich Fromm’s message for modern Friends / Eldora Spiegelberg.  1980.  (Rachel Cadbury Lecture) (19 p.)  Study guide for Erich Fromm’s message for modern Friends / Eldora Spiegelberg.  1980. (10 p.)


Evangelism: good news or bad news / Peace Section, Mennonite Central Committee. n.d. (22 p.)


George Fox’s message is relevant for today / Lewis Benson.  1983.  (11 p.)


How the great religions began / Joseph Gaer. Rev. and Enlarged ed. 1929.  (237 p.)


The imitation of Christ / arranged and edited by Douglas V. Steere.  1950. (Living selections from the great devotional classics)  (40 p.)


The power of words: some reflections on the personal use of the Psalms / Muriel Poulter.  Reprinted 1982.  ([6] p.)


The practice of the presence of God / Brother Lawrence ; arranged and edited by Douglas V. Steere.  1950. (Living selections from the great devotional classics)  (40 p.)


A Quaker view of the Christian revelation / John H. Curtis.  n.d.  ([8] p.)


Quest (five): personal religious thought / Josephine Whitney Duveneck.  1978, reprinted 1982. (16 p.)


Selections from the journal of George Fox / arranged and edited by Thomas S. Kepler.  1951. (Living selections from the great devotional classics) (38 p.)


Steps toward inner peace: harmonious principles for human living / Peace Pilgrim.  n.d. (32 p.)



Biblical basis of a peace witness. n.d.  ([6] p.)


Christian obedience in revolutionary times: the peace churches and the American Revolution / Richard K. MacMaster. 1976.  (26 p.)


Don Milani’s self-defence / Don Milani. War Resistors’ International: Enfield, UK.  n.d.  (23 p.)


The Draft?: A report prepared for the Peace Education Division of the American Friends Service Committee. 1968. (112 p.)


For conscience’ sake / Solomon Stucky.  Herald Press: Scottdale, PA.  1983.  (240 p.) [Novel]


New call to peacemaking: A challenge to all Friends / edited by Norval Hadley. 1976. (80  p.)


Peacemaking: Public & private / Adam Curle. n.d. (18 p.)


Those who say no: A chaplain’s guide to counseling conscientious objectors / Jerry Kinchy. 1976. (68 p.)


The Unique role of the historic peace churches (an address to a conference at New Windsor, Maryland, November 20, 1968) / John Howard Yoder. n.d. ([18] p.)


What about war? 12 Bible reasons why Christians should not take part in war.  1976.  ([2] p.)



Games enjoyed by children around the world / Mary Esther McWhirter. American Friends Service Committee: Philadelphia, PA.  1970.  45 pp.


Peace in the family: A workbook of ideas and actions / Dorn, Lois, & Penni Eldredge-Martin. Pantheon Books: New York.  1983.  177 pp. [family health, psychology, education]


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