About Us
The Pullman-Moscow Monthly Meeting
About Us

        The Pullman-Moscow Friends' Meeting meets every Sunday at Fairview Village in Moscow Idaho for unprogrammed worship.

        "Unprogrammed" means our meeting has no established minister. Rather, we follow the tradition of sitting together in silence until anyone of us feels compelled to speak (minister) for spiritual, personal or humanitarian reasons.  Sometimes this urge to minster is described as being "guided by the Spirit", or "testifying in accordance with The Light Within," or "bearing wittness to that bit of God Within Everyone."  Frequently no one speaks at all--as many of us believe sitting together in respectful silence can often be as meaningful as shared verbal declarations.  Yet at other times, several people may enhance and enlighten the group with their ministrations and heartfelt expressions.

         Meeting for worship for buisness is usually scheduled to follow meeting for worship on the second Sunday of each month unless otherwise posed.

        The Pullman-Moscow Friends' Meeting owns a small collection of Quaker materials, which may be checked out upon request. There are also links to many sources of Friends publications on our Links page.

        For more specifics about what Friends believe and how Friends conduct their meetings see the special links section on Faith and Practice.

       The Pullman-Moscow Monthly Meeting is affiliated with the Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting pnqm.org

The PNQM  holds a silent retreat near the end of January at Camp Huston near Cold Bar, Washington and two meetings at the Lazy F near Ellensburg, Washington, in late April and late September.

        We are also affiliated with North Pacific Yearly Meeting which holds its annual session in July.  The NPYM's web site is  http://npym.org.

        Friends Bulletin, is the official publication of North Pacific, Pacific, and Intermountain Yearly Meetings.  Our Meeting receives a subscription and those copies are available to borrow.  Individual subscriptions can be ordered through our treasurer, David Coahran, every December.